Birds of Paradise (2014)


Jack is just an ordinary sparrow who wishes he could be more exotic and vibrant like so many of his friends. So when a coincidental accident involving colorful paint changes the way he looks, Jack is thrilled about his new appearance. But little does he know that his new look will soon lead him down a path of mistaken identity, adventure and danger. Aurora is a beautiful yellow canary that has been locked up her whole life. When she manages to escape from the mean network tycoon that has kept her caged up, she has trouble adjusting to this life of newfound freedom. When Jack and Aurora fortuitously meet, they will need to rely on each other, as well as their wacky friends (Larry the pigeon, Pete, the hummingbird and Claire, the bat) as their case of mistaken identity leads them on a thrilling adventure. And along the way, Aurora and Jack will learn that it's not who you are on the outside, but who you are on the inside that matters.

Birds of Paradise 123movies
Movie Score: 4/10 from 2 votes
Release Date: 2014-04-01
Status: Released
Run time: 82 min / 1:22
Production Studio : Simka Entertainment, Manos Digitales Animation Studio
Production Countries: United States of America, Argentina
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Birds of Paradise Casts

Drake Bell
as Jack (voice)
Gina Briganti
as Secretary (voice)
Keith David
as Old Buzzard (voice)
Ken Jeong
as Vinnie (voice)
Dallas Lovato
as Valley Dove (voice)
Jon Lovitz
as Skeeter (voice)
Jane Lynch
as Rosie (voice)
Ashley Tisdale
as Aurora (voice)
Genoveva Winsen
as Feathers McCoy (voice)

Birds of Paradise Crew

Directing Daniel De Felippo Director
Directing Gustavo Giannini Director
Directing Mychal Simka Director
Writing Claudio Andaur Writer
Writing Daniel De Felippo Writer
Writing Gustavo Giannini Writer
Writing Harry Glennon Writer
Writing Peto Menahem Writer
Writing Ross Mihalko Writer
Writing Diego Reinhold Writer
Writing Mychal Simka Writer
Writing Genoveva Winsen Writer